A Better Tomorrow #4: A Year-End Forum
Counterclockwise from top:Justin Bartlett, Mike Hill, Asa E, Jess Blumensheid
We come bearing blackened gifts of doom. Jess returns from the ice worm's lair (i.e., school) to deliver her deepest podcast yet. She talks to Justin Bartlett, Mike Hill, and Asa E about their favorite records of thi…
A Better Tomorrow #2: Dude Fest Mania
HewhocorruptsPhoto by Barclay Lewis
Jess always comes back from Indiana's annual Dude Fest with the darnedest pictures. Last year it was this lovely latrine. This year it was the above photo. It is of Hewhocorrupts, though it looks like an outtake from Will Ferrell's Old School
A Better Tomorrow #1: Sludge Swamps
Homemade EHG shirt
Invisible Oranges proudly presents its first podcast, A Better Tomorrow, hosted by Jess Blumensheid. Episodes will occur monthly. This inaugural edition is the heaviest podcast ever. In it, Blumensheid navigates the murky swamps of Southern sludge metal, with a detour up to Ohio