Counterclockwise from top:
Justin Bartlett, Mike Hill, Asa E, Jess Blumensheid

We come bearing blackened gifts of doom. Jess returns from the ice worm's lair (i.e., school) to deliver her deepest podcast yet. She talks to Justin Bartlett, Mike Hill, and Asa E about their favorite records of this year. Then she talks about hers. Justin is one of metal's preeminent visual artists, having done album covers for Aura Noir, Sunn O))), Trap Them, Intronaut, and many others. Mike is the vocalist/guitarist of Tombs, whose Winter Hours (reviewed here) was one of this year's most talked-about records. Asa runs Blog Bodies, a massive collaborative mixtape project, and is very tall.

Justin Bartlett presents Altaar
"Upon the Black Earth" from Dødsønske

Mike Hill presents Isis
"20 Minutes, 40 Years" from Wavering Radiant

Asa E presents Amesoeurs
"Heurt" from Amesoeurs

Jess Blumensheid presents Church of Misery
"Born to Raise Hell" from Houses of the Unholy

Background Tracks

Corrupted, "Hay Que Joderse" from El Dios Queja
Moss, "Crypts of Somnambulance" from Cthonic Rites
Anodyne, "Zero World" from Lifetime of Gray Skies
Isis, "So Did We" from Panopticon
Neurosis, "Under the Surface" from Times of Grace
Deathspell Omega, "Desecration Master" from Inquisitors of Satan
My Bloody Valentine, "Only Shallow" from Loveless
Amesoeurs, "Amesoeurs" from Amesoeurs
Church of Misery, "Green River" from Master of Brutality

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