Illustration of Fenriz by Nagawika

There must be some happy medium between "Pro Tooled to death, on Nuclear Blast/Century Media" and "recorded in a dumpster under two damp mattresses, wants to be our MySpace friend." Then again, black metal shouldn't be about happy mediums. In this third installment of A Better Tomorrow, Jess Blumensheid goes dumpster diving to present the filthiest, most primitive black metal.

05:26 Black Witchery - "Command of the Iron Baphomet"
10:28 Archgoat - "The Goat and the Moon"
16:15 Ildjarn - "Midnight Interval"
20:18 Beherit - "The Oath of Black Blood"
25:12 Bone Awl - "Black Wings"
29:50 Von - "Lamb"
31:31 Von - "Satanic Blood"
36:05 Blasphemy - "Fallen Angel of Doom"
41:34 Holocaust Deathmatch winner track 1
45:05 Holocaust Deathmatch winner track 2

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