Photo by Barclay Lewis

Jess always comes back from Indiana's annual Dude Fest with the darnedest pictures. Last year it was this lovely latrine. This year it was the above photo. It is of Hewhocorrupts, though it looks like an outtake from Will Ferrell's Old School. That's what Dude Fest seems like to me: a festival of Frank the Tanks soundtracked by entire days of grindcore. Jess' second podcast does nothing to dispel this notion. In it she interviews Avi Kulawy, vocalist of Magrudergrind (reviewed here) and Derek Black, Dude Fest's organizer. She also presents her impressions of the festival and plays some rather bracing grindcore.

03:16 Magrudergrind - "Fools of Contradiction"
05:33 Magrudergrind - "Martyrs of the Shoah"
13:29 Gaza - "Gristle"
19:32 Mammoth Grinder - "Two More Classes Until Blackout Weekend"
21:29 Kill the Client - "Retaliate"
23:17 Kill the Client - "In God You Thrust"
25:11 Hatred Surge - "Numb"
27:18 Hatred Surge - "Monster"
35:42 Weekend Nachos - "Pain Over Acceptance"
37:27 Weekend Nachos - "Worthless Words"
38:54 Magrudergrind - "Bridge Burner"

Note: We are working on making this podcast subscribable in the gigantic computer virus that is iTunes.

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