We finally did it: we've launched a podcast.

The first thing to note about the first episode, which you can stream below now, is that it's a little long. We went big, yes we did. And while future editions will hover around the one-hour mark, we wanted this inaugural effort to be as special as possible. It's why we invited grind godfather Scott Carlson of Repulsion to conclude the episode as our first interview. It's also why we got 100% personal and real about our love for heavy metal to start things off. Stream or download now:



Your hosts are Andrew Rothmund, Joseph Aprill, Langdon Hickman, and Ted Nubel (appearing next episode) -- we will rotate in and out across episodes and between segments, as well as feature guest hosts, as we tackle not only heavy metal music but heavy metal life as well. Also, definitely expect additional interview content with some of the most critical names in the scene, both above-ground and under. We will even do silly fun shit, on occasion, because yes, we have a sense of humor sometimes.

The cosmos is the limit, and that's an amazing feeling. It will only get more compelling from here as we settle into our rapport and amass listeners as dedicated as our readers are. We want to extend the hugest thanks and highest praise to Carlson for being a part of this. And of course to our readers (now listeners) without whom none of this would even be close to possible.

Stay metal, and enjoy the show. We will be coming at you soon with even more.


Screaming Bloody Oranges: The Invisible Oranges Podcast is available on the Podbean app on mobile devices today -- in the coming weeks, you'll also be able to find it on Spotify, Apple Music, Google, and other services. We'll provide links to these services as they come online.

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