Musk Ox – Self-Titled
Back of liner notes
Musk Ox comes advertised as "neofolk." This throws me, as my admittedly limited understanding of the term runs to Current 93 and menacing stuff on Cold Spring Records. But Wikipedia includes Agalloch under "neofolk," and Musk Ox recalls that b…
Voivod giveaway
Voivod's new record Infini comes out today in the US (on Relapse) and Canada (on Sonic Unyon). It's my favorite of Voivod's Jason Newsted-era records, mainly because it lets reverb into the mix this time. The album rounds up the rest of the tunes that guitarist Denis "Piggy…
Anvil! The Story of Anvil (film)
Anvil! The Story of Anvil is sort of a metal version of Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler: '80s pop culture icon gives way to '90s irrelevance, which gives rise to an attempted comeback this century
Feel the knife
Last night, I came home to a domestic disturbance in front of my building. Chased by an angry female voice, a man crossed the street to a pay phone and started dialing. People do not use pay phones at 2am for wholesome purposes. A woman brandishing a knife charged out the door after him
Voivod – “Le Pont Noir”
Artwork by Away
Before reviewing the new Voivod record, I revisited its back catalogue. Angel Rat and The Outer Limits are tremendously underrated. I have owned both, but never truly appreciated them until now. Perhaps I bought into the conventional wisdom of "first x albums good, everyth…
Cherry Pie, Hair Pie, Custard Pie
by Cosmo Lee
Today is National Pie Day. I will celebrate by having my beloved Southern pecan pie at Little Pie Company. If you are in Houston, go to House of Pies (aka House of Guys due to its popularity with local gays). Not only does it have wonderful pies, it is open 24 hours
Atavist / Nadja – II: Points at Infinity
by Cosmo Lee
Speaking of collaborations, Atavist's first one with Nadja, last year's 12012291920/1414101, was copacetic, with spooked melodies yielding to menacing death rattles. But it begged the question: would two of the heaviest bands around get together to drop the hammer
Wold – Stratification
by Jess Blumensheid
Messy with electronic undertones, Stratification (Profound Lore, 2008) voyages far from conventional black metal. Metal should open itself to expansion, however, allowing Wold's third release for consideration as the black metal album of 2008
Menace Ruine – Cult of Ruins
by Cosmo Lee
Menace Ruine is a shadowy male-female duo from Montreal. Their full-length debut, Cult of Ruins (Alien8, 2008), proffers a vision of hell that isn't dark and foreboding like its grayscale artwork. Nor is it red and orange like the Christian Crayola invention

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