Pagan Hellfire – Solidarity
by Cosmo Lee
Pagan Hellfire is a one-man black metal act that avoids the usual depressive connotations of that M.O. Robust, mid-paced marches dominate, in keeping with black metal's recent trend. Mastermind Incarnatus is competent at screeches and drums, but he's incredibly fluent with gu…
Neuraxis – The Thin Line Between
by Cosmo Lee
This might be the year that death metal came back. Actually, it's been coming back for years, just with incessant mediocrity. But in 2008, geezers like Decrepit Birth, Hate Eternal, and Origin have stepped up with very "mature" records
Voivod – Dimension Hatr
by Cosmo Lee
Last weekend marked the 20th anniversary of Voivod's Dimension Hatröss. The core of Voivod's golden era trilogy, it bridged Killing Technology's departure from prior Motörhead worship and Nothingface's prog polish. The record remains revelatory today. Tha…
The Endless Blockade – Primitive
by Jess Blumensheid
The day The Endless Blockade aren't pissed, there will be no god. (Ed. note: Or there might be one.) They live up to their name by instilling extreme wrath for human trash, wasteful lifestyles, and the fear of god in every release
RIP Cursed
Bad news from Canada's Cursed. Say it ain't so, Joe.
Yeah, you heard. Apparently, it gets even worse. That's all I know or even want to know for now. We got robbed at the very end of tour in a totally unreal, extremely sketchy series of events that still makes no sense at all, only …
Howl, Mendozza
In the current issue of Decibel (#44, Iron Maiden cover), I've done the "Throw Me a Frickin' Bone!" column, which reviews demos and unsigned records. Some of them are actually good. The two of note this time are by Howl and Mendozza. Both are hairy and sound like i…
Nadja, Russian Circles
Nadja seem to have emptied their hard drive onto CD's, sent them out, and gotten signed to 10 labels simultaneously. By the end of 2008, they will have put out 15 releases in two years. That's too much. But it's about right if you consider each album as a song
Devin Townsend, DEP, Dub Trio, and more
Devin Townsend
I've published 22 pieces since my last update a month ago. I've also started to write for Pitchfork. Both are somewhat ridiculous propositions, I realize, so I don't even know where to start. Just look at the sidebar and see if anything appeals to you
Senate – The Great Northern Scenekill
Contrary to what its title might suggest, The Great Northern Scenekill (self-released, 2006) has nothing to do with Pantera. It's modern thrashy melodic death metal, and quite aggressive - think Darkane or Darkest Hour. This Canadian band features Martyr drummer Patrice Hamelin (who's touring with…

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