Fuck the Facts – Unnamed EP
One reason why I love Fuck the Facts — aside from their soulful take on grindcore and their unfuckwithable live shows (I've seen them in three cities) — is how DIY they are. They book their own shows, design their own merch, and even model it when they sell it.
Now comes a s
MySpace clutter, begone!
by Cosmo Lee
MySpace band pages have become practically unusable. Now bands are sticking huge images at the top and Twitter feeds, videos, widgets, flashing banners, instrument endorsement logos (seriously, who cares about those?), and other nonsense everywhere else
Pyramids with Nadja – Self-Titled
by Casey Boland
I've never been entirely convinced by most "drone metal." Perhaps I'm reluctant to explore genres not couched in standard rock forms. But give me memorable riffs and passionate performances, and I'm satisfied. So to be wowed by the decidedly non-rock Pyramids with Nadja (Hyd…
Dopethrone – Demonsmoke
by Chris Rowella
I might lose street cred by saying this, but who cares: I'm done seeking out the most extreme, experimental, metal/noise/ambient/prog/core/whatever floating around. At this point in my life, I know exactly what I like, and that's what I stick to
3 Inches of Blood – Here Waits Thy Doom
by Cosmo Lee
It's hard to believe that 3 Inches of Blood ever got tagged as "metalcore." Minus vocals, they've always played traditional metal. The "metalcore" tag came from the fact that one of their two vocalists screamed. Also, perhaps people confused their Iron Maiden-inspi…
Devin Townsend – Ki, Addicted
Devin Townsend is one of the few exceptions I'll make for over-production. His music almost requires it. I say "almost" because his recent album Ki has a relatively stripped down sound that fits its material. Otherwise, Townsend's music and production are inseparable
Slow & Low #1: Let the Night Roar, Rush, Heirs
Pictured: Let the Night Roar
In metal, fast is glamorous, while slow is often overlooked. I get sent a lot of great slow stuff, so I'm starting this column to feature some of it. Doom, sludge, stoner, and post-metal are all fair game. Get off the lead foot, and get on those lead boots
Astronomy Domine
Today Voivod's Nothingface turns 20. I wonder if it was a kind of Black Album for Voivod's fans. Its prog rock was such a change from the twisted thrash of previous albums. Also, it was the band's first major label record. Did people cry "sellout"

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