Earache football scarf giveaway
When Earache Records approached me about giving away a "football scarf," I had to Google what that was. I am a fan of neither the American nor the international forms of football. In the former, men in tights run at each other in 10-second spurts interspersed by adverts
Stormcrow / Mass Grave – Split
Stenchcore??? Evidently, that's the name du jour for the mix of d-beat, crust punk, hardcore, grindcore, and metal that bands like Atakke and Hellbastard peddle. I won't get into the subgenre soup that surrounds this stuff (stenchcore vs. crustcore vs
Metal pets: Austin “The Beast” cat
Catness Will Prevail
I got Austin at a no-kill shelter. That doesn't sound very metal, but it is true. When I got him, half his teeth were rotted and they had to be pulled out. (Ed. note: That sounds very metal.) I can only assume that being as hardcore as he is, he never had time to worry abo…
Doomed to be stoned in a sludge swamp
Moving time for me is fast approaching. To lighten my load, I'm giving away 25 sludge/stoner/doom metal CD's. These subgenres have become independent scenes, but they overlap in sound enough for me to lump them together. "Slow and heavy" is all the "scen…
Integrity: overrated?
Photo by Bill Shouldis
Anvil's comeback has been heartwarming. After a well-received documentary (reviewed here) — which unintentionally doubled as a massive promotional campaign — the band's latest album, This is Thirteen, will get a proper label release (September 15, on VH1 …
Fuck the Facts, Dreaming Dead @ The Arena
Fuck the Facts
Fuck the Facts and Dreaming Dead played at The Arena in Philadelphia on July 4. The Arena hosts boxing and wrestling matches; parts of Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler were filmed there. It is a big room with a high ceiling. Early in the afternoon on this first day of the Hostil…
AxCx giveaway
Flyer by Seldon H*nt
The Show No Mercy series of NYC metal shows has concocted its most intriguing (or at least strangest) lineup yet.

Anal C*nt (needs no introduction)
F*ck the Facts (Canadian grindcore, reviewed here)
Locrian (Chicago noise, reviewed here)
Copremesis (NY death metal, reviewed here)
Musk Ox – Self-Titled
Back of liner notes
Musk Ox comes advertised as "neofolk." This throws me, as my admittedly limited understanding of the term runs to Current 93 and menacing stuff on Cold Spring Records. But Wikipedia includes Agalloch under "neofolk," and Musk Ox recalls that b…
Voivod giveaway
Voivod's new record Infini comes out today in the US (on Relapse) and Canada (on Sonic Unyon). It's my favorite of Voivod's Jason Newsted-era records, mainly because it lets reverb into the mix this time. The album rounds up the rest of the tunes that guitarist Denis "Piggy…
Anvil! The Story of Anvil (film)
Anvil! The Story of Anvil is sort of a metal version of Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler: '80s pop culture icon gives way to '90s irrelevance, which gives rise to an attempted comeback this century

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