Hava Nagila "Hava Nagila" is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is cute yet dark, with its sinuous Phrygian Dominant tonality. I won't get into the history of the song, as a Google search will take care of that ...
Fight Amp, Avenger of Blood, Brutus, and more
Fight Amp At Pitchfork, I've reviewed Fight Amp, a '90s AmRep throwback whom I suspect has a Danzig fetish. The recording is tough; the guy-girl vocals are tougher. At All Music Guide, I've reviewed Avenger of Blood (German thrash from Las Vegas), Barbara (artful Israeli sickness), Bilk (Croatian drum 'n' bass 'n' rock), Brutus (Caesar-slaying Dutch death metal), Cypher 7 (Bill Laswell-helmed ID
Left Hand Path #011
Grave in the Sky Left Hand Path #011 is up. This installment of Stylus' metal column is massive, featuring 38 album reviews and an interview with Chris Bruni of Profound Lore Records, easily the metal label of the year with top-notch releases by Alcest, Caina, Cobalt, Portal, Pulsefear, The Angelic Process, The Howling Wind, WOLD, and more ...

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