Black Cobra – Chronomega
In the summer of 1993, I saw Miami, FL's legendary Cavity. Having never heard anything like Cavity, I was floored by their sound and performance. (The singer pulled off his pants and hung upside down from the rafters with dangling cock and balls, shocking the suburban teenage audience)
Coulda Woulda Shoulda
There's only so many hours in a day, and there's so many bands out there. No way you can check them all out in one lifetime. Many are bound to pass under your radar or slip through the cracks. But what about the ones you're aware of but don't bother to check out
Raise the Red Lantern – Self-Titled
by Casey Boland
"Sludge" evokes certain sounds and images: dudes with beards hammering out power-chord metal at a snail's pace. Raise the Red Lantern's musicians indeed have facial hair; they certainly know their way around a meaty, Blue Cheer-worthy riff

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