Shrinebuilder – Self-Titled
by Casey Boland
Let's face it: hype affects our initial opinions. Positive or negative, we bring assumptions and preconceived notions to the stereo, or more accurately for the times, the computer. Such is certainly the case with Shrinebuilder
Javelina – Beasts Among Sheep
Photo by Scott KinkadeReview by Casey Boland
On its face, there is nothing remarkable about Javelina. You have four dudes hammering out drop-tuned Sabbath-inspired metal. One would be hard-pressed to read reviews that did not niche the band as "sludge," "stoner," a…
Krallice – Dimensional Bleedthrough
by Casey Boland
Musicianship is not a quality often ascribed to black metal. Purists tend to prefer their BM crude and rudimentary. Krallice defy such notions during the hour and 20 minutes of Dimensional Bleedthrough (Profound Lore, 2009). The band incorporates untraditional guitar patterns and vary…
Pyramids with Nadja – Self-Titled
by Casey Boland
I've never been entirely convinced by most "drone metal." Perhaps I'm reluctant to explore genres not couched in standard rock forms. But give me memorable riffs and passionate performances, and I'm satisfied. So to be wowed by the decidedly non-rock Pyramids with Nadja (Hyd…
Year-end thoughts 2009: Casey
by Casey Boland
Like most music fans who've grown long in the tooth, I'm finding it harder each year to uncover new music that moves me. As I scroll through the iTunes library, I find few songs earning multiple play counts. Nevertheless, this year saw the release of several standout albums
Coalesce – OXEP
http://cdn.topspin.net/widgets/bundle/swf/TSBundleWidget.swf?timestamp=1261005871Stream OXEP aboveReview by Casey Boland
It's surprising enough that OX (reviewed here) — Coalesce's first album in a decade — came close to the brilliance of their late-'90s apex. But then to

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