Benoit are a brand new band. This makes their demo (downloadable for free below) that much more surprising, since it boasts fantastic production that must've cost these kids their college funds. It perfectly captures their raw hardcore sound. Benoit crank out 15 minutes of modern hardcore, an amalgam of Bridge 9 muscle and forward-thinking delivery.

Part of Benoit's charms lies in their above-average instrumental precision. "Waking Up" demonstrates the band's approach: velocity careening into an off-kilter slow section marked by an atonal guitar arpeggio. It?s a twist that works well. The drummer deserves much credit for spicing up what could have otherwise been bland. He effortlessly delivers unexpected fills and executes stark tempo changes with ease. If only all hardcore bands could boast performances this strong and compelling. Benoit aren't doing things much differently. But they do them better than most.

— Casey Boland

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