This year, Trve Brewing are celebrating their 11th summer bringing beer and brutality to the masses. Their 11th Anniversary Bacchanal, presented by AEG, takes place June 26 at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, CO and June 27 at Hi-Dive in Denver.

The Saturday shows featured Sumerlands, Stormkeep, Spectral voice, Godflesh, and Street Tombs. Sunday will feature a special showcase of JK Flesh.

“I came into the picture several years into the Trve Brewing existence, but I used to come to the anniversary shows and look forward to them every year,” says Shane McCarthy, events coordinator at Trve, who has been curating the talent this year. “It’s been really awesome to have the trust and resources to build lineups, and to have the support of AEG, which is huge because we couldn’t lay down a guarantee to bring out a band like Godflesh ourselves. This year, we have the full spectrum of established, legendary artists and newer bands, so that has been really cool as well.”

And while they went big this year with two days of festival programming and a big headliner, next year, they are thinking even bigger.

“It would be really cool to make it a thing where people are going to want to come into town from around the country to see it,” says Trve owner and founder Nick Nunns. “Not to put too much pressure on it, but I feel like we always have a bunch of homies coming from out of town, which is exciting, but it would be cool to really double down and make it something people can’t miss.”

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