The Trve Anniversary Bacchanal Brings Metal to the Masses Once Again

It’s that time again; the same weekend Denver is celebrating Pride, we are also celebrating local metal brewery Trve Brewing’s anniversary.

20 in 2021: Invisible Oranges' Top 20 Albums of the Year

Here they are: our aggregated and top picks for 2021. Be sure to listen to all of them.

Jon Rosenthal's Top Albums of 2021

Our co-Editor in Chief lists his 2021 favorites, including what should be a fairly obvious “Album of the Year” for those who pay attention.

Joseph Aprill's Top Albums of 2021

Joe Aprill lays out his top 20 for 2021 plus a few noteworthy EPs.

Colin Dempsey's Top Albums of 2021

Continuing our series of year end lists is Colin Dempsey, whose eclectic list cites varying ends of the musical spectrum.

Cheryl Carter's Top Albums of 2021

With a heavy focus on black metal but crucial picks from other areas, writer Cheryl Carter highlights her favorite albums of the year.

November 2021 Release Roundup

Give thanks for some of the best metal of the month, collected for your review.

Upcoming Metal Releases: 11/14/2021-11/20/2021

All the new metal releasing between November 14th, 2021 and November 20th, 2021 — spin (or skip) new music from Plebeian Grandstand, The Lurking Fear, Stormkeep, and more.

Stormkeep Seeks "The Serpent's Stone" (New Song Debut)

Blood Incantation and Wayfarer members venture into a realm of high fantasy on Stormkeep’s debut full-length album.

Jon Rosenthal's Top Albums of 2020

Senior Editor Jon Rosenthal shares his favorite picks from 2020.

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