Debemur Morti: Take Five
If you know black metal, you probably know Debemur Morti. The French label, along with its distro Eitrin Editions, has been a bastion of quality, with bands including Horna, Archgoat, Spektr, and Old Wainds. It also handles European distribution for many Moribund releases
Worship or die
Hypothetical black metal urban poster campaign
What's that? You don't have Hiems' new album yet? Who's Hiems? Funny you should ask. I reviewed their last record here and their new one here. Worship or Die (Moribund, 2009) is my favorite black metal album so far this year
I have to review this by tomorrow
...for Decibel. CD's technically can't hold that many tracks, so these contain many songs each. For example, here is Cripple Bastards' 94-song demo from November 1992. Total length? 5:11.
94 song demo, Nov. 1992
The Italian grindcore act has gotten much "better" si…
She’s a maniac
I recently watched Flashdance for the first time. It is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. Even though it is not very good, it is great. Never mind its two-dimensional characters, formulaic arc (a straight line), or that it would spawn Save the Last Dance with the addition of hip-hop an…
Dave Lombardo plays Vivaldi
Here's a weird one: Dave Lombardo playing Vivaldi. In 1999, the not-in-Slayer-at-the-time drummer collaborated with Italian music critic Lorenzo Arruga and some classical musicians on Vivaldi: The Meeting, a set of improvisations on Vivaldi pieces
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Oracles
Fleshgod Apocalypse's shtick is combining death metal and classical music. Classical music in metal goes all the way back to Richie Blackmore. However, metal bands usually lack formal training. They often merely tread harmonic minor water, while throwing in some diminished arpeggios
Frostmoon Eclipse bring Italian ice to US
Frostmoon Eclipse
Italian black metallers Frostmoon Eclipse, whom I wrote about here, embark on their first US tour this Sunday. (See dates below.) The routing is frankly strange - scattered locales in the South and Midwest. This is probably due to their tourmates, Nashville's Chaos Moon and …
Aere Aeternus – Humanity Needs No Funeral
by Cosmo Lee
Claudio Alcara is a talented fellow. In Frostmoon Eclipse, he unleashes black metal with bouts of acoustic picking. Stroszek is his delicate, mostly acoustic project. (I wrote about these here and here.) Aere Aeternus is his collaboration with folks in England and France, and it supp…

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