Though the archetypal fall to Hell is canonically rather long, this one is almost over before you know it—but it's a plunge worth repeating. Laetitia in Holocaust's new EP I Fall with the Saints demonstrates a powerful, explosive form of black metal that takes advantage of its full sonic breadth to create intricate tales of classical despair. Like marble skillfully shaped into twisted grimaces, this brief offering is crafted to both delight and terrify —stream the full EP ahead of its release now.



Flaunting its strong basslines and vicious drumming right off the bat, the opening title track intersperses a series of pummeling barrages with short, quiet segments where the fretless bass licks can really shine — in fact, bass isn't just audible on this EP, it's a key part of the sound and songwriting. A wonderfully strange lead line, something like a perverted neoclassical overture, enters the fray about midway through. Though melodicism isn't the main goal on I Fall with the Saints by any means, Laetitia in Holocaust demonstrate better command of it here than most outwardly melodic black metal bands.

Also included on the EP is a re-recording of "Hair as the Salt of Carthago" off of the band's 2009 album The Tortoise Boat. What was then a pretty raw and obfuscated recording with mechanical, programmed drums is retooled here into a black metal war machine that features especially dynamic percussion to drive home the band's evolved sound. To ward off any accusations of playing it safe, the final track then switches into a completely different mode of being: an ambient, ecclesiastical soundscape with ringing bell-like synths and clean vocals.

I Fall with the Saints is a concise cross-section of a band twenty years into their career: they're still playing weird, avant-garde black metal, but now there's two decades of experience and an ever-increasing ferocity behind it.

From the band:

New prayers, old sermons, same damnation.

Laetitia in Holocaust is proud to introduce you to the new EP entitled "I fall with the saints" soon to be released on Brucia Records: a three headed nightmare featuring three songs, three different soundscapes, one soul.

"I fall with the saints" is the title track and it's the dream of an eternal fall in the bowels of hellish fire, surrounded by holy bodies dragged towards damnation, in the company of an ancestral goddess copulating in an embrace of pleasure and suffering: downward is the only way, with neither redemption nor salvation.

"Hair as the salt of Carthago MMXI" is the return of an old ghost previously released on "The Tortoise Boat" album in 2009, expressly revisited for this EP. If the original was characterized by clean guitars and drum machine, the new evocation is a corpse back from inferno displaying a new shape thanks to new arrangements, new sounds and a general re-interpretation... but the same old content: a misanthropic enigma for the bold listener.

"Crypts of rain and confabulations" at last is a dialogue with the departed, another brand new track with a mellow but definitely haunting and eerie atmosphere. The last stop of a bad trip destined to be continued quite soon towards darker lands..


I Fall with the Saints releases July 16th, 2021 via Brucia Records. There will be an extremely limited run of a special edition bundle (cassette + book) as well as standard cassettes.

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