colony drop

The Best Heavy Metal from 2023 Q3

July through September contained a massive amount of heavy metal – here’s our guide to the best of the past few months.

"Brace for Impact": Colony Drop's Bizarre Thrash Arrives Without Hesitation (Interview + Early Album Stream)

Wielding an erratic and inventive approach to crossover thrash, Seattle’s Colony Drop tackles everything from Gundams to dungeon delving on their debut album. Read an interview with lead vocalist Joseph Schafer and check out the full album here a few days early.

Upcoming Metal Releases: 8/20/2023-8/26/2023

Here’s all the new metal that’s releasing between August 20th and August 26th—Spin (or skip) new music from Incantation, Dethklok, Blut Aus Nord, and more.