Mad Mama’s Blues
Josie Miles
Metal has no monopoly on lyrical mass murder. The blues is full of cuttin' and shootin' and .44's. (See this thread on the Most Violent Blues Songs Ever.) In the '20s, two female blues singers, Josie Miles and Julia Moody, each recorded "Mad Mama's Blu…
Black Sabbath and hip-hop
Rebuilding my music collection from scratch has had unintended benefits. One is the chance to revisit classics. When I had every album I ever wanted, classics sometimes got lost in the shuffle
Baby Please Don’t Leave Me
Buddy Guy
Recently I was on a random MySpace page when it started playing music. Normally I hate it when this happens. However, the song had a nice start - organic drums, overdriven bass, heavy twang. Stoner metal, perhaps? Then I heard the voice: an actual bluesman
Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Inside gatefold, Japanese edition
Do yourself a favor. Take out your CD/LP/cassette tape/MP3 folder of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Listen to it. It turns 35 today. That's older than me. Things older than oneself deserve respect. Especially if they're still kicking their progeny's ass…