It's been a while since we've heard from Yellow Eyes, more than the usual two years the Brothers Skarstad take between albums, and their absence is felt (even if we've been graced with a new Ustalost record in their absence), so it's incredibly fulfilling to see that, yes, Yellow Eyes are still active. Commemorating a European tour which starts tomorrow, Yellow Eyes, in collaboration with playlist maven To the Teeth, are releasing a new song today. As part of the impending To the Teeth compilation The Taste of Teeth, Yellow Eyes' "Dagger in the Warm Straw" is this band's first new public material in over three years. Following their unique brand of progressive-minded but accessible black metal oddity, this new song shows that, once again, Yellow Eyes' grasp of the strange and inaccessible is something which can be transmuted into the beautiful and tangible.


From the Artist:

'Dagger in the Warm Straw', the first new recorded material from Yellow Eyes in nearly four years, was written and recorded in Beacon, NY, in an intense 48-hour burst while in preparation for a September European tour. Dagger can be seen as a glimpse into the band’s volatile creative process and, while the song is intended to exist as a single, as a possible echo from the future of Yellow Eyes, who are also writing a full-length album.

The The Taste of Teeth compilation features a collection of new and previously released music. See the full tracklist below.

1. Yellow Eyes - Dagger in the Warm Straw (exclusive new song)
2. Wilderun - Hope & Shadow (previously unreleased, acoustic version)
3. Tower - Blood Moon (from Shock To The System)
4. Foscor - Estrènyer l'Ànima (previously unreleased track)
5. Charlotte Wessels - Vigor & Valor (previously Patreon-only track)
6. Al Namrood - المس الهتك (Touch your God) (exclusive new track)
7. Sweven - Reduced To An Ember (from The Eternal Resonance)
8. Terzij De Horde - Eerste Zoon (feat. PJN of Trepaneringsritualen) (exclusive new track)
9. Madder Mortem - Liberator (from Marrow)
10. Thrawsunblat - The Weathered Sandstone (exclusive new track)
11. Fluisteraars - Oeverloos (from De Oord split)
12. Meer - Beehive (from Playing House)
13. Brutus - Dust (from upcoming album Unison Life)
14. Scarlet Stories - Necrologies (exclusive new acoustic version)
15. Mare Cognitum - Antaresian (from Solar Paroxysm)
16. Entheos - Cauchemar (exclusive new track)
17. Ustalost - Stinging Stone (from Before The Glinting Spell Unvests)
18. Bedsore - Brains On The Tarmac (from Hypnagogic Hallucinations)
19. Kaatayra - Fuú (previously unreleased track)


The Taste of Teeth releases October 7th on Bandcamp.

Yellow Eyes track art by Christian Degn.

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