Hypothetical black metal urban poster campaign

What's that? You don't have Hiems' new album yet? Who's Hiems? Funny you should ask. I reviewed their last record here and their new one here. Worship or Die (Moribund, 2009) is my favorite black metal album so far this year. Yeah, I know. Black metal isn't doing so hot this year. Lots of disappointments. But check out Hiems. Especially this song "Wounds Just Death Can Heal." Yes, the title is cheesy. Black metallers are like that. But that riff! I bet Satyr is kicking himself he didn't write it. If you don't bang your head to this song, I'll bang it for you. Check out that solo! When no one's looking, I do air guitar to it. I'm good at it, too. There's also this bitchin' organ solo later on. Air organ doesn't look so cool, though. And, get this: at the end, they cover The Gun's "Race with the Devil"! With clean singing and everything! No, not the Van Halen song! You're hopeless, man.

- Cosmo Lee

Wounds Just Death Can Heal

The End
Moribund Cult