Singaporean grindcore trio Wormrot are touring the US for the first time, supporting their album Abuse. (See dates below.) We're proud to have had a hand in that by helping the band get signed to Earache through a collaborative post with Grind and Punishment. Now they are "living the dream", which apparently means fans feeding you Mexican sauce so hot, your singer loses his voice. Today we bring you the first installment of the band's US tour diary. It is by Wormrot band manager "Azean Rot". - C.L.

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We've been playing 10 shows since we've arrived in the US. So far things have been great for us. Mike (Tombs) is our Tour Manager or Road Warrior (quoted from Mike, Sunyata Atanamar) and he's really been cool with making sure the tour goes well and we're well taken care of. That's a first time for us!

Let's start with the show in The Bowery Electric, New York. It was a last minute gig for us. Wormrot is actually not in the lineup but Earache managed to squeeze us in. The promoter was cool to let us play last minute. It was our very first show in the US and it was fucking awesome. We also get to meet the Earache US team in the club and Mike from Sunyata Atanamar blog was there too! We didn't know Metalsucks staff was there until we read their blog. Great people, great place, great gig! It was a great start of the tour after the 21 hours flight from Singapore!!

We played in Now That's Class in Cleveland, Ohio with Mobile Deathcamp on the next day. The drive from New York to Cleveland was an ass! It wasn't a full house but crowd was supportive! We met lots of friends and made new friends.

In Gauchos (Valparaiso, Indiana) we played very late. It was around 2am when Wormrot started playing and it was a fucking weekday! Hell yeargh!! When we went back to the Chris's (promoter/Decrypt) place, it was already 3am. Mike was dead tired so he went to sleep in the van coz there were too many people in the house. There were a couple of people who drove 3 hours to see Wormrot so they also stayed over [at] Chris's house coz it was too late. Chris and his girlfriend cooked some Mexican dish for us. Talk about Asian spice! It was nothing compared to Mexican VOLCANIC spice!!! Arif lost his voice after taking some vampire sauce. I don’t know what you call them. It was damn bad coz we still have many shows to perform. But even that won't stop Wormrot from tearing the stage. Arif will burst his throat if he had to!

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The show in 31st Street Pub at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania didn’t have a lot of people, either. But still we had a supportive crowd.

In Macs (Lansing, Michigan) and Wander Inn (Mishawaka, Indiana) with Mobile Deathcamp was great! Quite a number of people were there, and they were very supportive. Mobile Deathcamp is a great band with one of the nicest people we've ever met. It was our last show with them in Mishawaka. Really hope to see them again!

At The Dojos (Indianapolis, Indiana) crowd went crazy. It was hot as hell in there! Like the Mexican food!! Sweats, moshing, dancing u name it! It was one of our best shows!!! Great grinding gig with grinders! The boys from The Dream is Dead were cool to let us stay over their house for 2 days. Coming from Singapore, it's expensive to stay in hotels everyday ya know.

Fubar (St Louis, Missouri) and Vaudville Mews (Des Moines, Iowa) didn't have a lot of people but crowd was still supportive.

"Good Times"

And now finally, the most epic show we had so far in the US, Wormrot blasting the Blast O Mat in Denver, Colorado was MASSIVE, AGGRESSIVE AND MOTHERFUCKING KICKASS!! Great grind line up!!! Crowd was wild, demented and supportive right up to your very asshole! After a long 10 hours drive from Des Moines, it really paid off to see supportive grinders dancing, moshing and going crazy at every song. The place looked like any garage in an industrial building but man, do we feel at home! Cassie, the promoter was very cool in letting us stay over at her house. Her parents gave us 1st class hospitality. They really welcomed us with warm open arms. Her mum even gave Fit some broth for the road coz he's not feeling well.

To sum up everything, we really enjoyed ourselves in US at the moment. Great, friendly people who made us feel at home, like we are a part of them. There’s nothing more one could ever ask for when you're far away from home. Our merch were nearly sold out but no worries, we'll be stocking up. Stay tuned for more of our US tour updates!

Now, let’s continue ABUSING the rest of US!!!

— Azean Rot

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Sep 16 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - The Conservatory
Sep 17 - San Antonio, Texas - 1011 (w/ Phobia, PLF)
Sep 18 - Dallas, Texas - Phoenix Project (w/ Phobia, PLF)
Sep 19 - Houston, Texas - Vanguard Warehouse (w/ Phobia, PLF)
Sep 20 - New Orleans, Louisiana - 86'd Productions (w/ Phobia)
Sep 21 - Tallahassee, Florida - Big Daddy's (w/ Phobia)
Sep 22 - Tampa, Florida - Brass Mug (w/ Phobia)
Sep 23 - Miami, Florida - Churchill's Pub (w/ Phobia, Maruta)
Sep 24 - Gainsville, Florida - The Atlantic (w/ Phobia, Maruta, Total Fucking Destruction)
Sep 25 - Atlanta, Georgia - Eyedrum (w/ Phobia, Maruta)
Sep 26 - Chatanooga, Tennessee - Ziggy's
Sep 27 - Lexington, Kentucky - Cosmic Charlie's
Sep 28 - Raleigh, North Carolina - Volume 11 (w/ Priapus)
Sep 29 - Richmond, Virginia - The Triple
Sep 30 - Silver Spring, Maryland - Corpse Fortress
Oct 01 - Wilmington, Delaware - Mojo 13
Oct 02 - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - The Hardbean Cafe
Oct 03 - Brooklyn, NY - Acheron
Oct 04 - Hartford, Connecticut - The Whitney House

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