Finding a new band that riffs is great. The art of determining whether or not a band 'has riffs' or not is a nebulous practice, immune from quantitative analysis and wholly subjective—but when you find a band that riffs, there's no mistaking that lightswitch moment as hands meeting fretboards create sounds that immediately fire an electrifying jolt in your brain. For myself, it took Athens, Greece-based Wormhog very little time on their latest album Yellow Sea to trigger that sensation: as the vivacious opening track "Wormhole" quickly proves, the stoner rockers have an affinity for taking already righteous riffs and adding nasty little twists that make them game-changer, stop-what-you're-doing-and-headbang moments. With the album out back in April, the band is back with a powerful, if trippy, video for "Wormhole" that we're premiering below:



"Wormhole" tunnels through reality with little room for subtlety: the first half of the song is already pretty burly, and the second half, after a brief pause, is even more relentless. Elsewhere on the record, smoky, laid-back stretches and hypnotic grooves pay reverence to the expansive mysteries of the cosmos, but not here: subtlety is reserved for a later moment. Deep, intoned vocals with a hint of a drawl and a blues-driven rhythm section solidly push the song through its space-time aberrations—there's more than just riffs here to adore, as it happens. The video mirrors a perceived journey, too, interspersing a surreal narrative and visual aberrations with shots of the band performing in near-darkness. Eventually, the odyssey ends, with only smoke and darkness left to mark the madness that's passed.

The band comments:

“Far from the eye, illusions and realities blend
Next to this true join, our life is the dream”

The creation of this music video was an unprecedented experience for us, as we managed to visualize our music and express ourselves through a different medium. We are grateful that we were surrounded by people that shared our vision and helped us implement it. Special thanks to Alex Kyrtsoni and the ‘Free self-managed theater Embros.’ We couldn’t have done it without you.


Yellow Sea released April 2nd via Electric Valley Records.

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