Wormed are not of this Earth. That's the goal anyway for this sci-fi-obsessed, technical death-metal crew from Spain. The band is one of the rare technical death metal bands that defies the sliding scale of technicality vs brutality, impressing with a heady mixture of crushing slams, eldritch time signatures, jawdropping fretboard acrobatics and super-deep cricket vocals. They're no slouch live either.

Wormed’s new album, Exodromos is preparing for release on March 26th via Willowtip and have made “Nucleon” available for streaming. The track lacks some of the crunch that had originally drawn me to Wormed: the production is cleaner and more sterile, the gutturals considerably less alien and slightly more subdued (relatively speaking, of course). The mix is different in that the guitars are louder at the expense of the other instruments, with a new tone that, while clean, is truly beastly. With the guitars at the forefront, greater variety and dexterity is easier to notice than previously, with individual notes clear among the characteristic blender-type riffs and bizarre cadences.

Will the rest of the album be in the same vein of this track, or will the rest of the album have enough of the grooves and slams to give Planisphaerium a run for its money? Come March 26th, we get to find out the hard way.

-Rhys Brydon-Williams


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