When you name your band World Downfall, you pretty much guarantee yourself a lifetime of Google page rank fights with Terrorizer (I wonder if Daylight Dies are pissed that Killswitch Engage put out an album with their name in it). And on Beyond Salvation (self-released, 2006), this Cologne band indeed walks a similar line between grindcore and death metal.

You're a Total Fuck Up
Your Shadow Moves Faster than Mine

But World Downfall adds modern edges to its old-school spirit. These touches aren't huge - the way chords move, the crisp production, a bafflingly throwaway electronic coda - and that's just fine. If you want ripping, no-nonsense death/grind with socio-political lyrics, varied speeds, and vice-grip-like execution, this is your album. Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy even contributes "guest vokills" on "Your Shadow Moves Faster than Mine."

The album's back cover says, "Feel free and encouraged to copy this recording for everyone who asks for it. Spread the virus. No copyright." Accordingly, the album is available for free download here. However, I encourage picking up the real thing, as it comes with live video footage and matte-finish artwork with aerial photos a la Isis' Panopticon. You can find it at the band's website.