Rock, specifically the heavier underground variant, has never really been a genre in danger of losing sight of "fun," but there's a big difference between the "song titles consist entirely of weed puns" sort of fun found and writing truly fun riff rock: the grin-producing stuff with high-voltage riffs and supernaturally engaging groove. As always, the latter is in short supply, but Swedish rockers Wooden Fields offer up a dose: the trio's self-titled debut album draws on honed talent to execute jubilant and scorching heavy rock. Listen to a track from the album below:



Smoke sizzles off the opening riff of "Read the Signs," prompting a faint sensation of sweat from the heat evident in the cranked-up guitar tone. Quickly following it is the nearly-absurd rhythm section combination of Fredrik Jansson Punkka (Witchcraft) on drums and Sam Riffer (Siena Root) on bass—but the power trio as a whole is what counts, and here they collectively operate with cohesive skill to make the four-minute song flash by in just an instant. Tinges of southern rock drip into the quick bluesy riffs and soulful vocals, which nestle into the song against massive drums and crunchy tones. Cohesive but with a live-in-the-studio rawness, "Read the Signs" joyfully rips, and that will never get old.

From the band:

We are really excited to present the first single "Read the Signs" from our upcoming album to you all.

Since all our favourite albums are made back when recording was spontaneous and quick we made no exception. Sartez had this riff worked out and the three of us got together in a room, jammed for a while and eventually hit the tape without the usual editings that might occur nowadays. "Read the Signs" was also the first song we did together when we jammed around for the first time.
So here it is for your listening pleasures...hope you enjoy it


Wooden Fields' debut will release on October 8th via Argonauta Records.

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