It took a little creative thinking to figure out how to approach the idea of hosting screamo songs on a metal website, but, in the end, desperately attempting to justify taste to a foreign, perhaps alienated audience only demonstrates a wider sense of insecurity in the justifying party. The term "screamo" carries its own baggage, especially in metal crowds, so I invite those of you who smirked or clenched your fists to stop reading now.

In the upper echelons of screamo (the more extreme cousin of "emo," or "emotional hardcore), a tier of music occupied by artists like Envy, I Hate Myself, Saetia, Orchid and more, the throne is definitely occupied by long-defunct trio Jeromes Dream. Their combination of grindcore's speed and ferocity with the emotive songwriting found in bands like Rites of Spring with, of course, Jeff Smith's incomparable howl truly set them apart. Unfortunately, after an experimental flop (and eventually cult hit) which followed Smith's own vocal failings, which tend to happen when not using a microphone live, Jeromes Dream's candle burned out as quickly as it was lit.

As a bit of a taster, here is what is probably Jeromes Dream's most celebrated song:

Over two decades after their initial formation, twenty nine bands from across the globe joined forces to both pay their tributes to this formative act and raise money for the people of Flint, whose water has become so lead-heavy it is now non-potable. Concentrating on two tracks from the controversial Presents album, scene newcomers Wolf Teeth and the celebrated Coma Regalia offer their own takes on the experimental hardcore and screamo of Jeromes Dream's dying breath.

It's More Like An Homage To You will be released May 30th, with pre-orders opening May 1st (next Monday) via Zegema Beach Records and Coniine Records. All proceeds for this cassette compilation, which features 29 covers from across Jeromes Dreams's discography, will be donated to Flint Rising. Listen to Wolf Teeth and Coma Regalia's covers of "His Life Is My Denim Paradise All Day, Every Day" and "True Thinkers Will Stop Time To Think" below.


Full compilation tracklisting:

Side A: - Tracklisting
1) KOMAROV - "My Most Recent Right Left Brain Argument"
2) COMMUOVERE - "What Other Adjective Would You Have Me Use For The Word Good?"
3) MASSA NERA - "The Monologue Of The Century"
4) THISISMENOTTHINKINGOFYOU - "A Second Grade Art Project"
5) UNDER GLASS - "Unreleased #1"
6) Мятеж - "Exit 29 Collapsed As I Drove By"
7) WOLF TEETH - "His Life Is My Denim Paradise All Day, Every Day"
8) APT SUT EIC OCO - "The Last Time We Talked"
9) SLEEPER WAVE - "A Present For Those Who Are Present"
10) COME IN, ACTION TWO. CAN YOU COMPLETE THE MISSION? - "And Just Like That The Year Is Gone"
11) MONOCHROME NAUSEA - "The Teacher Says To His Pupil"
12) YEARS PASS LIKE SECONDS - "Untitled #2"
13) SENZA - "How Staggering Is This Realization"
14) мища - "It's More Like A Message To You"
15) AN ANT AND AN ATOM "What I Learned At This Years Regional Optometry Convention"

Side B: - Tracklisting
16) ALGAE BLOOM - "Just Down The Hall From Room 526"
17) EAGLEHASLANDED - "No Matter What You're Always There"
18) PIG LATIN - "It's Right Where You Said It Would Be"
19) SENKETSU - "Rock Song"
20) APOSTLES OF ERIS - "Double Who? Double You!"
21) FARSEEK - "I Won't Stop Wondering Until You Stop Breathing"
22) OUR WITS MAKE US MEN - "Remember The Sea Of Tranquility"
23) LACKLUSTER - "Do We Write To Write Right"
24) MASALLE - "Life Is What You Make Of It"
25) LESSENER "A Well Documented Case Of Severe Autism"
26) GLITCHGIRL - "Thirty Dollar Bill"
27) COMA REGALIA - "True Thinkers Will Stop Time To Think"
28) BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE - "Everyday At 3:06"
29) MONOGAMY - "The Big Fuck You"


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