At this point anyone that is into heavy metal should now that Sweden is not only a historical stronghold of the traditional- with one of the best scenes in the ‘80s and one of the earliest recoveries after the traditional heavy metal dearth that was the ‘90s–but also some of the strongest champions of heavy metal in the modern day. Witch Blade is one of Sweden’s more powerful newcomers and are returning with their second album (and also second to be released via cult German heavy metal label Dying Victims Productions) Månsken on October 21st.

Today as a treat, we have the exclusive track premiere for the title track to Månsken, an ear-worm laden banger that exudes occult might, witchy melodies, and vocals that stick in my head despite not understanding a lick of the lyrics, which are sung in Witch Blade’s native Swedish. In the great pastime of Swedish heavy metal this song reminds me quite a bit of old heroes like Heavy Load, but there’s a rolick and staid traditionalism that goes back even earlier to the first NWOBHM bands. The song structure is clearly organized around delivering only the band’s best riffs in a way that stays fresh throughout its short playtime without relying on a million riff changes. The end result is a banging title track and a perfect way to make us all hungry ahead of their album next month.



Witch Blade have the following to say about "Månsken":

"Månsken" is the title track of our second album which will be released 21 of October through Dying Victims Productions. This song contains sharp riffs, evil melodies and catchy rhythms, a type of song that we have never done before and it symbolizes the whole album in a perfect way.

Turn up the volume, play it on repeat and prepare yourself for the return of Witch Blade!

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