Denver quartet Wayfarer have churned up a few waves over their last five years or so, especially with their prior two albums Old Souls and World's Blood. It's easy to assume that the band's atypical thematic approach (the whole American West shtick) amounts to novelty or aesthetics -- while that's true to an extent, as it is for any band that decides to create artwork beyond just the music, it has never precluded Wayfarer from producing ultra-high-quality tunage that approaches listeners from a slightly different angle.

Supercharged with cinematic intensity, a newfound dedication to pacing and atmospherics, and a whole lot of drama, Wayfarer is back with the upcoming A Romance with Violence, easily their best release yet. Get a fresh taste below with a stream of the latest single "Vaudeville" below.



"Vaudeville," like the rest of the songs on A Romance with Violence, puts songwriting above all other considerations -- it takes a film-like approach to surging intensity and emotion-building through nuance and detail. Clearly not outright the fastest or heaviest black metal on our planet, Wayfarer have taken to task constructing some of the most cohesive and digestible instead. This path opens up numerous possibilities on maps of softer attitudes, mellower moods, and gentler wavelengths, something the band uses to their advantage at every turn.

These are tunes for sinking down in your chair and slowly closing your eyes as life pours over you.


A Romance with Violence releases October 16th, 2020 via Profound Lore Records. A note from guitarist Shane McCarthy:

This is us spoiling the end of the movie a bit. This song is where a lot of the threads of the record culminate. It's like one big travelling show, where all the ethos and tragedy of all of these characters of a romantic world are played out for all to see. It's a very different sort of song, and maybe gives a little deeper dive into the whole picture of what the record explores.

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