The elusive, genre-defying, and beloved band Have A Nice Life played the Middle East in Cambridge this past Saturday (6/24), which appears to have been their first show since opening for Alcest at the Studio at Webster Hall in 2010. HANL launched a Patreon and posted a full-set video of the show. Here's what they say:

Hey everyone.

Someone very nicely posted the entire set to YouTube, so here you go.

It was certainly uneven in parts. I am perpetually incapable of watching or listening to myself perform with cringing. There were bits of the mix that sounded good on stage that seem off in the video.

BUT. It was certainly the best set we've played, and the experience live was very intense. I really couldn't be happier.

Many thanks go to Myke Cameron (bass), Ian Gustafson (guitar/synth), and Rich Otero (drums/drum machine) for being such incredible musicians and making us sound actually decent.

We have another show (or possibly two) coming up this year, so watch this space for early announcements.

Love you all.

They sound great, and those vocal performances are as passionate as they are on the band's albums (2008's classic Deathconsciousness and its excellent 2014 followup The Unnatural World). Watch the video below.

Hopefully those forthcoming shows will include one in or around NYC! Stay tuned.


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