Speaking of Henry Rollins, here’s an odd one from the vaults. Wartime was a one-off recording with Andrew Weiss, Rollins Band bassist up until The End of Silence. The EP had drum machine grooves, distorted and effected bass (imagine a mix of Rollins Band and Bootsy Collins), TV soundbites, and Rollins’ trademark vocals. Every song had basically the same beat, and there’s even a mangled cover of The Grateful Dead’s “Franklin’s Tower.”

How this project got major label backing is beyond me. Rollins Band hadn’t even achieved Lollapalooza notoriety yet. Even stranger is the fact that “The Whole Truth” had an MTV video (RIP 120 Minutes). It’s bizarre beyond belief. Where else can you see Rollins striking swimsuit model poses? If anyone can explain what the hell is going on here, please do share. You can find this for pennies on Amazon.

Wartime – The Whole Truth