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In the November 2015 edition of my Editor's Choice column, I shared choice words for the relatively unknown New York two-piece Wall of Water, whose self-titled debut will be released next week. Good words, of course:

"These two songs offer jazzy dissonant chords played on seven string guitars – of course they’re from New York City – as well as a healthy dose of black metal atmosphere and even a hint of hardcore vocals [...] The band’s stated purpose is to “transcend the boundaries between the numerous micro-genres of metal” and on that front they have succeeded. I expect big things should they ever record an album."

Consider my "big things" expectation met. The project is a collaboration between drummer Shawn Eldridge of Disma and multi-instrumentalist Cullen Toner formerly of Abazagorath. They use every skill on their respective CV's. Wall of Water blends pieces of disparate genres--black metal, noise, posthardcore--but the end result more often than not sounds like that greasy diseased gray that comes from mixing every Playskool watercolor paint together.

The band describes themselves as post-deathcore and on first brush that phrase struck me as bait for angry keyboard warriors. On second listen it makes more sense. Imagine if the rude boys in Oceano acquired a taste for the jazz-inflected rhythms of Pyrrhon and the patient spaces of Ulcerate. Alternately imagine if Luc Lemay fronted Candiria in a joint effort to give the reconstructive nasal surgeons of New York a little extra business.

Alternately, no need to imagine. You can hear it here.

Wall of Water will be released independently on 5/10 via Bandcamp.