Speaking of Norwegian things, Fenriz’ latest band of the week was Voor. Very little is known about them. In fact, I’ve found only a single mention of any info: origin in Quebec, lineup (first names only), notoriety in the tape trading underground. That’s it. If anyone knows more about Voor, please share!

Evil Metal

Voor’s sole output was two demos in 1985. I’ve tracked them down, cleaned up the MP3 tags, and re-uploaded them below. These demos have THAT SOUND, the gritty electricity that metal once had. The songs are absolutely ripping speed metal. Think Venom, early Slayer, maybe sloppier, but not in a bad way. Everyone is off to the races, and the racetrack is your face. Hurts so good!

If you’re sick of today’s sterile metal, get some Voor. You will remember why you love metal.

MEDIAFIRE: 1985 Demo [17.32MB .zip]
MEDIAFIRE: Evil Metal demo [20.61MB .zip]