Named for the Godflesh song, Voidhead avoids the obvious Godflesh elements (crushingness, nihilism) in favor of the liminal ones (atmosphere, drone). The four tracks of Land (Head to Avoid, 2007) each sound quite different and thus slightly incohesive. However, Voidhead impressively writes distinct-sounding songs with elements that usually emphasize sound over song.


Thus, "Land" is drum machine-driven and abstract, "Monotonous" sounds mystical and Middle Eastern, "Schematic" is Earth-ily twangy and clean-toned (that this very American sound translates to Athens, GR fascinates me), and "His Will" drops big, NeurIsis guitars. The other tracks could have used some of this weight for cohesion's sake, but each one works well individually, and the variety shows more than enough range for a full-length. Close listening reveals background depth, subtle movement, and small details.

Refreshingly, this project isn't trying to be heavy. Voidhead is exploring Godflesh's ghost and not just rehashing the legacy. The recording has occasional digital clipping, but for a DIY release, it's not bad. The packaging is special - three panels of heavy stock paper, hole-punched and fastened with a metal brad. Hand-numbered edition of 100, available for a mere 3 euros via the band's MySpace.