Sometimes you just need a break from the loud and intense.

It's not like you can only listen to loud music, right? Maybe that works for you, but I just… get overwhelmed sometimes. Luckily, the music of Quebec's Vision Eternel has followed me for the past decade or so. Linking the disparate ends of more active shoegaze and ambient stillness, Alexandre Julien's music is just that: this unwavering, unmoving calm which shakes the listener to their core. On his new EP, For Farewell of Nostalgia, Julien's guitar-based wash is at its most concrete, featuring hidden chord structures and discernible melodies, all filled with a deep longing and sehnsucht. It is all so calming, and a necessary break from the blasting and guttural sounds which generally fill my day.



For Farewell of Nostalgia releases September 14th on Somewherecold Records.

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