Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, progressive black-metalers Wildernessking have been earning attention recently with their debut release, The Writing of Gods in the Sand (the excellent cover art above); now their label, Antithetic Records, is hosting a fundraiser to support the album’s vinyl pressing. By February 29, the label needs to reach a goal of $3,500 in pledges from fans to ensure the album's vinyl existence, and they are providing an additional variety of incentives, such as test pressings and exclusive T-shirts, to correlate with donation size.

Wildernessking originated in 2010 under the name Heathens, and after adding a second guitarist changed their name to reflect their leap into a more progressive form of their rock-influenced black metal. The result is a sound that falls somewhere in between Krallice, Cult of Luna, and newer Enslaved (some would probably call this post-black metal). For those seeking more info, Metal 4 Africa conducted a thorough interview last-year with lead-singer and bassist Keenan Oakes that touches more on their origins and philosophy.

You can stream The Writing of Gods in the Sand over at the fundraiser home page to ensure your hard-earned cash will contribute to a worthwhile project. IMHO, the album seriously kicks-ass and deserves to exist on a glorious slab o' wax.

Aaron Maltz