This is the kind of kick-ass tune many of us need this time of year, now that the holidays are at our throats...a song for made for headphones. It's not a new song but when was the last time you played it? Shut your eyes and shut out the world. No lyrics to get in the way, just a heavy, relentless circuit of fuzz that scrubs all thoughts right out of your head.

I recommend keeping your eyes open long enough to watch the video for Pelican's "Deny the Absolute" at least once before putting it on endless repeat. It's a black and white video of tour footage gathered by Kenneth Thomas, the dude that made that Old Man Gloom documentary, among other things, shot while on tour with Pelican over the summer. Apparently, the band didn't know the footage existed until Thomas sent the video over.

"Deny The Absolute" is a song from 2013's Forever Becoming. Pelican is planning to release a new 4-song EP in early 2015, which will feature a new vocal version and remixes of "The Cliff" off Forever Becoming, as well as a new track called "The Wait."

As band tour videos go, this one definitely whets the appetite for a Pelican live show. The band is planning to tour when the new EP is announced, but in the meantime, if you're in Chicago, Pelican has a headlining show with The Life and Times and Pinebender set for New Year's Eve at Subterranean.

— Vanessa Salvia

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