Two seems like the magic number for noise these days. Today saw the release of a new album by esteemed bass-and-drum duo Lightning Bolt, and while there's been occasional third wheels, the Matthewson brothers have always been the core of KEN Mode, from whom we expect another LP shortly. The one-drummer one-everything setup also works for Seattle's Noise-A-Tron, who sound a bit closer to the former than the latter, but whose metal cred runs deep. Drummer Jason Bledsoe once did time in a band called Bullhead (is there a secret rule that all bands named after Melvins songs are good?), and bassist/keyboardist Lea Bledsoe cut her teeth in Terror Organ alongside Pete Helmkamp from Angel Corpse. The duo's first LP under their overt-o-matic monicker, Vast Arcane drops in late April, but they're releasing the promotional video for the song "Six" now. Visually it's all VHS ugliness and grain interspersed with psychedelic imagery. Some of the footage seems harvested from PBS science videos from my childhood, which seems at odds with the pounding bass riff that dominates "Six," however when the song fades into gentle drones and the imagery focuses on a field of moving stars, the contrasting forces congeal.

The Bledsoes are taking their show on the road in May for a run of West Coast tour dates, which are listed below the video. Vast Arcane drops on April 28 via Bleeding Light. Follow Noise-A-Tron on Facebook.

—Joseph Schafer



Noise-A-Tron tour dates:

5/2 - Seattle, WA (record release show) @ Black Lodge with He Whose Ox Gored, Prize Hog, The Great Goddamn

5/7 - Portland, OR @ The Foggy Notion with Hot Victory, A Volcano

5/8 - Eugene, OR @ The Wandering Goat with Entrail, TBA

5/9 - Chico, CA @ Monstro's with TBA

5/10 - San Francisco, CA @ The Knockout with Lament City Scape, Deviod

5/12 - Santa Barbara, CA @ The Funzone with TBA

5/13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos with Solstafir, Ancient Wisdom, Suns of Orion

5/14 - Phoenix, AZ @ Rips Tavern with Chiefs, Destroyer of Light, Twingiant, Resinator, Hex Volt

5/15 - Tuscon, AZ @ TBA

5/16 - San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar with Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Murder by Techno, They Feed at Night