I cover a lot of metal for Invisible Oranges, but is any of it really metal? Old heads look at the collection of atmospheric black metal in my coverage roster and say no, so allow me to appease our most neglected audience with an exciting new find. Pittsburgh-based thrashers Vicious Blade remind me of why I got into metal in the first place. Vicious Blade's new EP Siege of Cruelty is pissed off, unbridled, and in-your-face music–as fast as it is muscular and sharp as it is pummeling–and their pedigree is no joke. Featuring vocalist Clarissa Badini from new Dark Descent signees Castrator as well as current and former members of Eviction, Complete Failure, and more, Vicious Blade's combined standing in the Pittsburgh metal scene shows that this power five-piece is not messing around. With comparisons made to the early metal and thrash scenes, it's these two-stepping, down-picked riffs which comprise this sub-15-minute EP are a solid reminder that, hey, classic thrash is still alive in an undiluted way. Listen to Siege of Cruelty ahead of its Friday release below.



Siege of Cruelty releases June 24th on Our Ancient Future

Vicious Blade is slated to perform at Metal Immortal Festival in Pittsburgh this Saturday, June 25th.

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