Last year, metal legends Venom released a nearly-$200 box set documenting their early-to-mid-1980s era, and included in that box set was a previously unreleased album of some of the band's earliest demos and rehearsal recordings, including some with original singer Clive "Jesus Christ" Archer (plus one later demo from 1983), Sons Of Satan. That album is now getting its own release on August 28th via BMG (pre-order). The liner notes include interviews with Cronos, Mantas, and Abaddon, and rare and unseen photos from the band's early days.

The album is named after the song "Sons of Satan," the opener of the band's 1981 debut album Welcome to Hell, and the 1980 demos of that song, "Angel Dust" from the same album, and "Venom" are streaming now. The demos of the Welcome to Hell songs are noticeably different than the album versions -- a little more hard rock and less "extreme" -- and they're both great in their own right. Listen and check out the full tracklist below.




1. Angel Dust (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979)
2. Buried Alive (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979)
3. Raise the Dead (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979)
4. Red Light Fever (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979)
5. Venom (Church Hall Rehearsals 1979)
6. Sons of Satan (1980 Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)
7. In League With Satan (1980 Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)
8. Angel Dust (1980 Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)
9. Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil) (1980 Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)
10. Schizo (1980 Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)
11. Venom (1980 Impulse Studios - £50 Demo Recordings)
12. Angel Dust (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980)
13. Raise the Dead (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980)
14. Red Light Fever (Impulse Studio Demo Session 1980)
15. At War With Satan (1983 Impulse Studio 2 - At War Demos)

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