As we further down the slope into the darkest timeline, Valborg, too, slides further into dark, sonic obscurity. If the dramatic shift into more gothic, subtle dramaticism found throughout Romantik and last year's Werwolf was any indicator, this German trio's future work would become even catchier, starker and more oppressive. Hell, it was Tom G. Warrior who described them as "a mixture of Bohren und der Club of Gore, early Black Sabbath and Hellhammer."

And bizarre Valborg did become, emerging from their deep slumber emboldened by the new regime of brutalism and despair. Still championed by burdensome, pulsating rhythm, Valborg keeps their metal past at arms' length, but close enough to maintain a heavy, foreboding presence. However, the true champion of Valborg's latest form is Christian Kolf's minimal, chiming guitar playing, pitting Tom Verlaine-style goth-punk minimalism against bandmates Florian Toyka and Jan Buckard's oppressive pulsing. Together, Valborg as a whole creates this sort of dreary emptiness, much like the still, grey images of St. Petersburg in midwinter: bleak, totalitarian and inhuman. It's oddly comforting.

Valborg's Endstrand will be released on April 7th by Prophecy Productions - you can preorder it here. Head below for an exclusive first listen of "Bunkerluft".



From the artist:

"After Romantik, Christian [Kolf] and I experimented on some material featuring synthesizers as lead instruments. "Bunkerluft" is a piece from these sessions that we thought fit perfectly on Endstrand."

-Jan Buckard



Follow Valborg on Bandcamp.

The other works of Christian Kolf (and related) can be found at the Zeitgeister Bandcamp.

Be sure to catch Valborg on their European tour with Pillorian next month!

April 5.17 DE – Frankfurt / Nachtleben
April 7.17 DE – Dresden / Club Puschkin
April 8.17 DE – Berlin / Nuke Club
April 9.17 PL – Posen / Klub u Bazyla
April 10.17 DE - Hamburg / Markthalle
April 11.17 DK – Copenhagen / Musik Loppen
April 12.17 SE – Stockholm / PSB
April 14.17 SE – Gothenburg/ Fängelset
April 16.17 DE – Munich - Dark Eeaster Metal Meeting - Backstage
April 17.17 AT – Graz / Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv
April 18.17 IT – Brescia / Circolo Colony
April 19.17 SVN – Nova Gorica / Mostovna
April 20.17 CH – Winterthur / Gaswerk
April 21.17 DE – Karlsruhe / Dudefest - Jubez
April 23.17 NL – Tilburg / Roadburn Festival
April 27.17 ES – Saragossa / Sala King Kong
April 28.17 PT – Barroselas / SWR Metalfest XX
April 29.17 ES – Sevilla / Fanatic
April 30.17 ES – Murcia / Garaje Beat Club


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