Here's an experiment. Take a look at the upcoming metal releases for November 2009. In the comments box, indicate two you would like me to review. I will review the one with the most votes (unless I am reviewing it elsewhere — so Fatalist, Slayer, and Witchmaster are out — in which case I will review the runner-up). Bands can vote for their own albums. Labels can vote for their own releases. Just don't try to game the system by, like, voting under eight different names. Voting will close at midnight EST 10/30.

I know before I would ask you guys which releases you'd like to see reviewed — and then I'd go and not review them. So now I'll make it stick. I'm hoping you'll vote for Gaza, Hirax, or Vektor, because those will probably rule. But if you want to stick it to me and make me review Pissing Razors or Epica, now's your chance. (The other day I saw someone in the grocery store wearing a Pissing Razors shirt. It was like seeing someone in this day and age wearing an MC Hammer shirt. He did look kind of forlorn.) The ad copy for Epica's new album says: "Directly influenced from quantum physics." Barf! If Epica wins, I will curse you, your family, your ancestors, and your descendants. But I will still review Epica.

- Cosmo Lee

- - -

As always, the upcoming releases list is a work-in-progress. (So much so, in fact, that after this year I will probably never do it again.) Please indicate all corrections and additions in the comment box.