Here are the new metal releases for the week of 2/8/2015 – 2/14/2015. Release dates are formatted according to proposed North American scheduling, if available. Expect to see the bulk of these records on shelves or distros on Tuesday unless otherwise noted. Blurbs and designations are based on available promotional material and perceived buzz.

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Gehennah's comeback EP Metal Police is getting released this week by Metal Blade. Ahamkara's The Embers of the Stars is also receiving a label-backed push by Bindrune Recordings. We jumped the gun on both. Click the respective links above for more information.


Anticipated Releases:

Call of the Void - Ageless | Relapse Records | Hardcore, sludge, grind | United States
A dense and weighty amalgamation of genres that amplifies a shared ferocity.


Death Karma - The History of Death & Burial Rituals part I | Iron Bonehead | Black metal, death metal | Czech Republic
This duo takes on death as a concept and explores how different cultures deal with the ultimate end. Stylistically all-over-the-map, but second-wave black metal and early death metal are big slices of the pie chart.
Related to: Cult of Fire, Zlo, Lykathea Aflame, Despise, Garbage Disposal, Solfernus


Hate - Crusade:Zero | Napalm Records | Blackened death metal | Poland
Ninth album of hefty blasphemy from this long-running blaster.
Related to: Kriegsmaschine, Antigama, Vader


Manilla Road - The Blessed Curse | Golden Core Records | Heavy metal | United States
This cult-adored underground institution cuts their 17th full-length of unique epic metal. Out on Friday (February 13).
Related to: Hellwell, Masters of Disguise


Marduk - Frontschwein | Century Media Records | Black metal | Sweden
Now in their 25th year, these norsecore rippers keep the BPMs high and the trems ultra-distorted.
Related to: Abruptum, Death Wolf, Cardinal Sin, Funeral Mist, Triumphator, Rage Nucléaire, Repulsive Dissection, Angrepp, Demonical, Overtorture


Thulcandra - Ascension Lost | Napalm Records | Black metal | Germany
Frosty, though streaked by melo leads and given a death metal production.
Related to: Obscura, Helfahrt, Wraithcult, Haradwaith, Nargaroth


Of Note:

Abstracter - Wound Empire | Fragile Branch Recordings, COF Recordings, Sentient Ruin | Doom, sludge, crust | United States
Crusty longform crushers are tinged by doom-y melancholy and its meditative qualities.
Related to: Catapult the Dead, Buried at Birth

Ambroz - Into the Endless Void | Self-released | Blackened death metal | Macedonia
Couples chugs with symphonic grandeur. Out on Friday (February 13).
Related to: Storm

Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go | Deathwish | Hardcore | United States
Packs a punch thanks to a metallic production and some thrash-y tendencies.

Carnation - Cemetary of the Insane | Final Gate Records | Death metal | Belgium
Buzzy OSDM that welds Swedeath timbres on a Floridian skeleton.

Cowards - Rise To Infamy | Throatruiner Records | Hardcore, sludge, crust | France
Hits high, grinding tempos while maintaining sludge's stoutness and feedback-drenched misanthropy.

Dephosphorus & Haapoja - Collaboration LP | Handshake Inc., 7 Degrees Records, Nerve Altar | Grind / Black metal, hardcore | Greece / Finland
Astrogrinders Dephosphorus and blackened core batters Haapoja occasionally swap singers on this collabo dedicated to Jeff Hanneman.
Related to: Dephosphorus: Straighthate, Amnis Nihili, Dodsferd, Nadiwrath, Principality of Hell, Ravencult, Thou Art Lord, Abyssgale, Hordes of Decay, Plaguendgraves, Thy Darkened Shade

Dwell - Vermin and Ashes | Hells Headbangers Records | Death/doom | Denmark
Fetid death/doom using old school techniques and timbres (archaic synths, lo-fi production, etc.).
Related to: Cerekloth, Altar of Oblivion, Church Bizarre, The Vein, Victimizer, Kill, Woebegone Obscured, Glorior Belli, Horned Almighty, Battery

Finsterforst - Mach Dich Frei | Napalm Records | Folk metal | Germany
Executes standard folk metal with a bit more panache and guitar crunch than normal.

Hellrazors - Funeral | Undercover Records | Blackened thrash | Austria
Ambitiously stumbles through black and thrash metal standbys. Out on Friday (February 13).

Holycide - Toxic Mutation | Xtreem Music | Thrash | Spain
Adds some Euro flavor to a set of Slayerisms.

Kraków - amaran | Dark Essence Records | Stoner metal | Norway
Forgoes the usual stoner warmth and instead lets a refreshing chill blow through.
Related to: Viðr, Mondvolland, Kampfar

Lords of the Trident - Frostburn | Self-released | Power metal | United States
Powah Report: What looks like a tongue-in-cheek joke on the surface benefits from a keen understanding of the form. If you're looking for something more self-serious, there's Tanagra's None of This Is Real.

Momentum - The Freak Is Alive | Dark Essence Records | Progressive metal | Iceland
Former black/death metallers blaze a new path atop drone-y prog.
Related to: Myrk, Severed Crotch

Monolith - Against The Wall of Forever | Funeral Noise Records | Hard rock | United States
Takes its cues from Judas Priest and punk.

Mörti Viventi - The Day the Dead Returned... | UKEM Records | Thrash | United Kingdom
Riff-filled and nimble one-man thrash. Has a canny sense of hooks but dodges the typical traps. Out on Saturday (February 14).

The Order Of Apollyon - The Sword And The Dagger | Listenable Records | Blackened death metal | France
Transforms chunky death metal riffs by slathering on the dissonance.
Related to: Aosoth, Balrog, Genital Grinder, Aborted, Temple of Baal, Cruxifiction

Outer Heaven - Diabolus Vobiscum | Melotov Records | Death/doom | United States
Dresses up a death/doom crawl with elements of core. Find older material here.
Related to: Rivers of Nihil

Putrid Offal - Mature Necropsy | Kaotoxin Records | Death/grind | France
Stitched together in the image of old Carcass, these French grinders are releasing their first full-length despite a history stretching back to 1991.
Related to: Dehuman, Forlorn Emotion

The Vomiting Dinosaurs - Worship the Porcelain God | Grimoire Records | Death/grind | United States
Has an underlying thrashiness, both in the cheeky, crossover-esque lyrics and sharpened riffs.

Vulturium Memoriae - Nato per ragioni ignote | Avantgarde Music | Doom, avant-garde | Italy
A strange trip through atmospheric doom, one that stokes unease via uncomfortable tones.




Things We Missed:

• Black Metal

Damnation Winds - Tomb (USA, black metal)

Mondsaal - Eight Revelations (RUS, dark metal, weird)

• Death Metal

Abscession - Grave Offerings (SWE, death metal, OSDM)

Offence - R.A.W. (POL, OSDM)

Putrisect - Chaos Awaits (USA, blackened death metal)

Trenchgrinder - Demo 2015 (USA, death/thrash)

• Doom/Sludge/Stoner

• Grind

Resonance Cascade - Resonance Cascade (SWE, grind, powerviolence)

• Heavy Metal


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