This is my last Upcoming Metal Releases entry. Worry not, UMR is still a thing and will continue rounding up all of the new metal releases that are fit to buy. But it's time for me to step aside. We've got some fresh ears ready to take to the reigns and their owner is going to give this column a thorough and much-needed dusting. Starting next week, UMR is set to become an even better way to start your week. Bet on it.

So, yeah, goodbye. And thanks. Thanks to the bands, fans, and everyone in between. During our time together, I hope you dug up something decent and didn't get too frustrated by all of the Japanese power metal, Limburger-stinky AOR, and inflexibly orthodox black metal that littered these lists.

Finally, remember: Whenever you click the 'Members' section of a page on Encyclopaedia Metallum, I'll be there. . . like a Corrupted-back-patch-sporting Tom Joad. Creepy.


I, uh, won't actually be there.

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Here are the new metal releases for the week of 2/15/2015 – 2/21/2015. Release dates are formatted according to proposed North American scheduling, if available. Expect to see the bulk of these records on shelves or distros on Tuesday unless otherwise noted. Blurbs and designations are based on available promotional material and perceived buzz.

See something we missed? Goofs? Let us know in the comments. Plus, as always, feel free to post your own shopping lists. Happy digging.


Anticipated Releases:

Aktor - Paranoia | High Roller Records | Heavy metal, hard rock | International
Chris Black joins Jussi and Tomi from Circle/Pharaoh Overlord for a throwback rocker fueled by AOR hooks. Out on Friday (February 20).
Related to: Dawnbringer, High Spirits, Pharaoh, Superchrist, Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Arkhamin Kirjasto, Steel Mammoth


Brothers of the Sonic Cloth - Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth | Neurot Recordings | Doom, sludge, stoner | United States
Tad Doyle's newly-expanded band heads back to his heavier roots.
Related to: Tad, Lumbar, Roareth


The Haunting Presence - The Haunting Presence | Hells Headbangers | Death metal | United States
A filthy blackened buzz bubbling up from the deep.
Related to: Nocturnal Blood, Nuclear Desecration


Mastery - Valis | The Flenser | Black metal | United States
Nutso blackened batshittery. Like multiple Marduk albums played at once by DJ Peter Brötzmann. Stream a track here.
Related to: Pale Chalice, Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, Horn of Dagoth


Primitive Man - Home Is Where The Hatred Is | Relapse Records | Sludge, doom | United States
Four long songs mixing weighty riffs and painful squalls of feedback.
Related to: Reproacher, Kitezh, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire


Sarpanitum - Blessed Be My Brothers... | Willowtip Records | Death metal | United Kingdom
Ultra-quick, inventive brutal death swathed in spaciness.
Related to: Mithras, Contrarian, The Senseless


Sumac - The Deal | Profound Lore Records | Post-metal, doom, metallic hardcore | Sweden
A hypnotic crusher recalling Aaron Turner's earlier interests, both as an Isis (the band) member and Hydra Head's founder.
Related to: Isis, Baptists, Old Man Gloom, Twilight


Of Note:

Aethyr - Corpus | Cimmerian Shade Recordings | Doom, sludge | Russia
Droning slow and low with an occult fixation.

Barshasketh / Void Ritual - Barshasketh / Void Ritual | Broken Limbs Recordings | Black metal | United Kingdom / United States
Both outfits sit close to the second-wave without becoming clones.
Related to: Barshasketh: Cnoc an Tursa, Falloch, Haar, Blood of the Moon. Void Ritual: Ancestral Oath.

Burweed - Hide | Inverse Records | Post-metal, sludge | Finland
Combines a post-metal crunch with grungy, alt rock.
Related to: Demonic Death Judge

Deivos - Theodicy | Selfmadegod Records | Death metal | Poland
Sandwiches machine-like, chugging death metal in between industrial segues.
Related to: Abusiveness, Blaze of Perdition, Dira Mortis, Moon, Ulcer, Parricide

Erazor - Dust Monuments | Evil Spell Records | Blackened thrash | Germany
Lets '80s thrash rot until it takes on a blackened timbre.
Related to: Attic

Ethereal Shroud - They Became the Falling Ash | Grimoire Cassette Cvlture | Black metal | United Kingdom
Finds the middle ground between DSBM and funeral doom, though it's busier than that genre pairing would suggest.
Related to: Of Solitude and Solemn

Gian - All Life Erased | Inverse Records | Thrash, melodeath | Finland
Modern thrash that has a corrosive bite. Out on Friday (February 20).

Legion of Andromeda - Iron Scorn | Unholy Anarchy | Death metal, death/doom | Japan
Unhinged, bestial death metal that's given an industrial propulsion and preciseness. Recorded by Steve Albini.

Lord Fist - Green Eyleen | Ektro Records | Heavy metal | Finland
A homage to the golden years of NWO_HM, especially the Scandinavian iterations. Out on Friday (February 20).

Masters of Disguise - The Savage and the Grace | Limb Music GmbH | Speed metal, heavy metal | Germany
Former hired tour guns for Savage Grace cut another ode to their one-time employer. Out on Friday (February 20).
Related to: Abandoned, Viron

Murtad - Extirpate the Remaining Breath | Necrology Records | Death metal | Indonesia
Borks and slams through chunky brutal death.

Nightland - Obsession | Self-released | Symphonic death metal | Italy
Winkingly over-the-top bombast. Out on Friday (February 20).

Recueil Morbide - Morbid Collection | Great Dane Records | Death metal | France
Early '00s-styled death metal that adds a tech element to the brutality.

Solium Fatalis - The Undying Season | Galy Records | Death metal | United States
Their second full-length fusing thundering death metal and lightning strikes of melody. Flo Mounier and Olivier Pinard of Cryptopsy have taken over the rhythm section.
Related to: Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Vengeful, Nader Sadek, Excrecor

Soundcrawler - The Dead-End Host | Klonoshpere Records | Stoner rock | France
Warm, smokey grooves that signal Man's Ruin.

Syn Ze Sase Tri - Stapin Peste Stapini | Code666 | Symphonic black metal | Romania
Takes a Dimmu Borgir sorta approach, but incorporates a pagan-y feel and archaic synths.
Related to: Nocturn, Negură Bunget

Vardan - The Night, The Loneliness | Moribund Records | Black metal | Italy
Black metal's busy bee cuts his second full-length of 2015. Find slightly older material here.
Related to: Anwech, Leaden

Vargsheim - Träume der Schlaflosen | MDD | Black metal | Germany
Stout black metal that's in touch with nature and emotions without treming out DSBM weepers. The members also play in the live version of Imperium Dekadenz. Out on Friday (February 20).




Things We Missed:

• Black Metal

Fiendlord - Dust on the Chamber Floor (USA, symphonic black metal)

Selvans - Clangores Plenilunio (ITA, black metal, folk metal, pagan metal)

• Death Metal

Negative Vortex - Demo 2015 (USA, blackened death metal)

Resurrected - Penetrance of Terror (GER, BDM, death/grind)

• Doom/Sludge/Stoner

Alucarda - Raw Howls (DEN, doom, stoner, punk)

Atten Ash - Born (USA, doom, funeral doom)

• Grind

KharmA - SubReal (VEN, death/grind)

• Hardcore/Punk

Pig Eyes - 2nd Album (SWE, punk, psych)

• Heavy Metal/Power Metal

Roadhog - Dream Stealer (?, heavy metal)

Taiwaz - I Am All (SWE, heavy metal)

• Thrash


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