As befitting their name, Undead seems to have burst from the grave of metal scenes long gone. The Spanish band's second full-length album Putrefactio calls back to the proto-extreme-metal era, practicing a similarly formula-less approach which gleefully sprints from the disgusting depths of death metal to corpse-desecrating grooves bordering on thrash metal. Disrupting convention like so much putrid earth, they also tuck mid-paced grooves into the mix to break up their usual fast-paced fare. Death metal is the constant here, but it's wielded with zealous curiosity in service of the band's blood-spattered subject matter.

On "Demon of a Thousand Lies," premiering below, Undead's retro appeal is evident: dark, nasty guitar tones give the song a meaty sound that's got a lot more body to it than most old-school revival takes. Even more obvious is its violent potency, as that slithering opening riff tears into the listener, soon to be followed by some especially mean mid-paced double bass segments. Undead are strong adherents to the old ways, certainly, but they do so with a novel viciousness of their own making.



The band adds:

Real horror comes from within. Paralyzing fear and anxiety can dominate reason and create demons worse than those you could find in the deepest pits of hell, constantly twisting reality and calling the shots from the darkest corners of self. Reality will never be as frightening as the monsters created by your mind. Always lurking from the shadows. Sometimes tamed, but never gone.

Putrefactio releases May 5th via Redefining Darkness Records.

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