A horrific rumble emanates from deep within the ossuary. A short year and a half ago, Oregonian duo Triumvir Foul exploded into the death metal scene with their well-received and fast-to-sell-out demo, An Oath of Blood and Fire. True to the "old school" style, the "rabid" death metal sound of Triumvir Foul's debut was putrid, sharp in execution, and absolutely relentless (and they had the gall to close out the cassette with an Autopsy cover - a brave move). Now a trio, Triumvir Foul have re-emerged from the depths depraved and foaming at the mouth.

“Labyrinthine - The Blood Serpent Unwinds," the opening track from their approaching full-length, is a powerful opening statement and assertion of nightmarish power. Pulling the listener in with a wide-eyed, snarling oration, Triumvir Foul spews forth a slow-flowing river of doomed, noisy sewage. The tension carried in this unwinding is palpable - the trio slithering and winding - but able to explode at any moment...which they do. In its fruition, the unveiling of Trumvir Foul's true, final form is awe inspiring and terrifying - the sound of teeth ripping flesh and clattering of bones translated into its pure, musical essence. Old school death metal has never sounded so fresh.

From the artist:

The corruption of flesh and spirit
Decorate my mind with depravity
Leave me squirming for all to see
Within the tomb of God's placenta
And walls drenched in my foul emanations
Emanations of lust and decay
Hail Vrasubatlat!

—Triumvir Foul/Vrasubtlat

Triumvir Foul's self-titled debut will be available on CD via Blood Harvest Records on December 11 (with vinyl to follow in February of 2016), as well as cassette via Triumvir Foul's own imprint, Vrasubatlat, which should coincide with the CD release date.CD preorders are slated to go live today - ensure your own nightmares of plumbing the depths of insanity become a distinct reality. Listen to an exclusive stream of "Labyrinthine - The Blood Serpent Unwinds" below.

—Jon Rosenthal



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