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When a Swedish death metal band calls their album The Formulas of Death, you might expect it to follow, well, the formulas of death metal. In fact, on this album, Tribulation ignore those preconceptions about death metal, and not just for a few minutes, for the entire length of the album, which plays on for more well over an hour.

Their follow up to The Horror, released by Invictus Productions and The Ajna Offensive, pays more attention to atmospheric build up than a barrage of riffs. Four tracks in, a piano interlude, named in Hebrew which translates as "Night", brings in tribal rhythms and what sounds like an outtake of a Dario Argento soundtrack….a fact which is even more apparent when considering that track 5 is called "Suspiria".

If you only listen to The Formulas of Death once and think you hate it, I challenge you to listen again. Not every band has to play expertly in order to be likeable, but it you love bands that take some care and skill in song development, then this Bud's for you.

— Vanessa Salvia

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