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He may be a California-based one man black metal project, but you would be hard pressed to compare the music of peers such as Leviathan to Korihor of At Dusk. While his new album Anhedonia by definition means being unable to feel pleasure from enjoyable activities, a characteristic of depression that can be felt often in black metal, Korihor takes his agony to biblical proportions. Today we are lucky to have the exclusive debut of the track "Agonia" from Anhedonia, which Korihor explains as such:

"'Agonia' is the second ode of four in the Anhedonia suite, each of which personifies a specific aspect of depression or pain. In Ecclesiastical Latin the word suggests, beyond simple agony, a life-or-death struggle; it may also refer to Christ’s agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, during which, according to the legend, he begged his father to release him from his responsibility and bled out of every pore. Agonia is the very apex of pain: the climactic moment of exquisite anguish in the midst of which one can give heed to nothing else; the entire consciousness is dominated by this singular crisis ...The darkness twists all perception, and yet one appears to see with a clarity rarely encountered otherwise: hope is a foolish lie; entropy, chaos, and meaninglessness penetrate every imaginable corner of the individual’s subjective universe. In turn, objective reality darkens, Stygian and putrid. The agoniac reverie may pass, one may never forget the awful truths revealed in its throes."

Coming out October 14th on Broken Limbs Recordings (Planning For Burial, Ashencult, Vattnet Viskar), head below to listen to the torturous track.

— Kelly Kettering

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