If there's any activity that would perfectly encapsulate atmospheric black metal, it would have to be trudging melancholically across a bleak landscape in a cloak. And yet, it's hard to bottle that exact thing up: nailing the sense of travel and passage while maintaining the necessary frame of mind is a difficult endeavor. However, this is an art that the German black metal group Toadeater clearly excels at: their upcoming album Bit To Ewigen Daogen dazzlingly captures nihilistic melancholy across a five-movement concept that traverses the full spectrum of black metal's evocative capabilities. The full album releases early next month, but we're offering a glimpse at a part of the odyssey: stream "Returning the Crown" now.



Evocative guitar riffs, a critical piece of the formula, are out in force on "Returning the Crown," subtly layered and padded out by gloomy synths to create a thick veil of oppressive force. Outraged screams can only partially pierce through this miasma, especially in the furious blast beat-driven portions that connect the bombastic choruses in the outset of the song.

In the second half of the lengthy track, the vocal element pivots from insistent shrieks to grief-stricken laments, accompanied by a marked downturn in pacing. That sets the stage for the coda of the song, kicked off by a spine-tingling riff that, as it resolves with full instrumentation, unifies the fury of the song's beginning and the tragedy of its later developments. Even as a fraction of a greater work, "Returning the Crown" is a worthy expedition in its own right: a dramatic tale that ends in just as much despair as we could have hoped for.


Bit To Ewigen Daogen releases October 2nd via Revolvermann Records and Maniyax Records.

Regarding "Returning the Crown", the band says:

"Returning the Crown" is a harbinger of doom and marks the climax of Bit To Ewigen Daogen.
The Song discloses the decay of our civilization, Earth shows no patience anymore, the sum of all delusions is finally reached. "Cloud on cloud forming a silver wall – Barking of hounds announce our fall -And the leaves of the oaks form ropes."

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