Friday's a pretty good day for rock 'n' roll. In fact, it might be the best day for it: with all the promise of the weekend ahead with just enough work in the way to make the time off feel like a reward, straight-up rock goes over especially well. Here's a quick injection of bluesy riffs to start off the transition: not long after a Melvins cover in support of Don't Shoot PDX, Portland stoner rockers Tigers on Opium are releasing a new EP next month, with the first single from it out today:



Like the red-hot tubes you can easily imagine cranking out the beefy tones at play, "Dark Electric" crackles with warmth. Crunchy low-end guitars, vintage drum tone, and faintly lo-fi vocals lend the song's stoner shuffle a pleasant retro feel that contrasts with the melancholy subject matter. It's a driving combination, drawing the listener in as a realization dawns that things aren't quite as rosy as they initially feel. Describing the song, band member Juan Carlos Caceres highlights that polarity as well:

Over the years... We’ve lost so many great friends, musicians, and artists to the grip of heroin and opioids. I wrote this song as a sort of release of tension, for how I feel about the people I’ve lost to drug addiction. There’s a sort of juxtaposition to it all. Like a mixture of sad beauty, or a car crash you know is coming but you crank the music and live the ride.

As a bonus, the embed above also includes two remixes of the track -- if you're wondering what a "remix" of a rock track would sound like here, it's certainly worth checking these out as they take it in two totally different directions.


The Dark Electric EP releases January 22nd via Forbidden Place Records.

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